Alan Grant


USA 022Alan Grant was a trainee journalist in London, before serving as a Naval Provost Officer for 22 years.  Subsequently he trained as a Social Worker, then began senior management roles in Social Services and Housing.  Although retired, Alan decided to retrain as a teacher of Adult Literacy and Numeracy at the University of Plymouth, and worked with homeless people for several years, many of whom had substance and alcohol issues. 






Published works

Short Stories for Longer Journeys

Short Stories for Longer JourneysShort Stories For Longer Journeys This collection is for people who might have a few minutes to spare, perhaps waiting for a plane or train, a meal to cook, the baby to cry for a feed, or a lunchtime break away from the office. Sitting on the beach? Want something to read, apart from newspapers and magazines? My writings are designed to be as varied as the potential reader. Murder, mayhem, melodrama and mystery mixed with some fun, fantasy, love and even reflections at a deeper level. Ideal reading whilst waiting nervously for that Dentist or GP appointment. Short fiction stories pose their own particular challenge for any writer. Within a few words the reader has to identify with the characters, follow the storyline, and accept the outcome. Sometimes the reader may wish the writer had developed a particular storyline into an extended short story or full novel. Others might well believe the story (and writer) should have been strangled at birth. If that?s the case ? sorry! Either way I am genuinely interested in your views on my second published work, and would welcome feedback at Best wishes and thank you for at least turning a few pages. Alan Grant.



The death of a schizophrenic young man in Plymouth, provides evidence of a sordid chain of sexual exploitation, involving mysterious, powerful people and a vulnerable young prostitute. Melissa’s grooming, abuse, and increasing drug reliance, indicates corruption at high levels, in the Council and Police. The immediate response comes from DCI Ben Kennedy, who is the most skilled negotiator in the force. When Melissa disappears, evidence of an impending gang war between criminals from Plymouth, London and Liverpool emerges. The death of a rough sleeper, shows that itinerant Gypsy travellers also have a direct interest. DCI Ben Kennedy, and his CID team of DS Sonia Amis and DC Jason Street, race against time to find Melissa, whilst confronting the brutality of gangs intent on flooding the South West with drugs. They confront corruption, violence, drugs, and a criminal operation, which stretches the team to their limits.

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Short Stories

The Gift

Mandy’s Revenge

The Go Between


The Commitment

A Man for all Reasons

O.C.D. & Me (1964)

OCD and Me (Radio Play)


Who Dunnit?

Let’s Dance

The Park


The Entrapment

A Different Perspective

Coming Home

A Choice

A Homecoming

Wearing the Quartered Cap





Behind My Smile

Passion & Chips

No More Augusts

Granddad’s Legacy

Street Feet

Who Was The Hero

Plays / Scripts

The Agenda

PC & Me

A Stately Affair

Flat Out

Out The In Door

No Mercy

O.C.D. & Me

A Stately Affair

An Honourable Response

Charity Begins at Home – Let’s Move


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