Lou Fletcher


LouLou is married to Gillian and they live at Tavistock, Devon; they have two grown-up sons.  Following a varied and interesting career in the police, he and Gill entered business in a retail outlet at a busy garden centre and then a bed and breakfast guest house on Plymouth Hoe.  Lou was also a lecturer in security management and safety, but is now fully retired.  He first started to write at the age of sixty as “he felt the need to write and set things down in an expressive manner.”  During his police service he officially visited Romania and since retirement has been a regular visitor with firm friends in that country; he and Gill lived for a time in New Zealand where he wrote his second novel.  His hobbies include moor walking, art, photography, gardening, foreign travel and, of course, reading and writing.  He also lectures to groups on a variety of subjects including the Anglo – Zulu War 1879.

Lou says, “I write for the sake of writing – that is reward in itself.  Anyone with a desire to say something should pick up their pen and write, as it’s never too late.”

Self published works

The Bohemian Ruby

The Bohemian RubyChief Inspector Chris Cox and Inspector Reynard Fox are sent to the City of Plymouth where local detectives are making no progress in a series of murders. Corpses, bearing different sets of ritualistic mutilations, appear to have challenged and defeated them. Outsiders are unwelcome and they soon clash with the senior investigators – the offensive bully Chief Superintendent Slanning and his fussy and ridiculous assistant Inspector Lynaugh. Cox and Fox quickly uncover a web of police corruption that is being manipulated by the vivacious and ruthless news reporter Eli Mortlake. Turning to the world of academics and historians, and assisted by the death-bed confession of a policeman, they learn of the existence of the fabulous Bohemian Ruby. Stolen from the Bohemian Crown in Prague centuries earlier, the ruby has a massive secret. It also has a powerful presence and carries a curse for any who misuse it. The ruby disappeared after being sent to assist in a siege of Plymouth three hundred years earlier, and its ownership has been fought over since by two mysterious sects of demi-monks who have a secret world of caves and tunnels beneath the city . Cox and Fox suspect that the ruby has re-appeared and they begin to understand its past, but not its power and influence. Following leads to Prague, Amsterdam, and back to Plymouth, Cox and Fox discover the meaning of the ruby but time is running out as the secret sects struggle with international terrorists who seek the power of the jewel for their own unspeakable ends. Blood, violence, and abduction surround the ruby as it fulfils the promise of the curse. Cox, flawed by a burden he carries from his service as a US soldier in Vietnam, is left to broker a solution as Governments distance themselves. The ruby has captured the attention of both Christian and Muslim fundamentalists and Chris Cox must strive to find a safe resting place for the Bohemian Ruby – a place that will please everyone.

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Winner of the Western Morning News short story competition with his supernatural “The Rocking Chair”

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