Matt Ewens

Matt EwensBiography

Matt Ewens was born in Solihull in the same year as Star Wars and the silver jubilee.

An avid reader by the age of 7, Matt used to copy every word from his Rupert Bear books as a young child and soon developed a strong interest in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.  During the age of 8+, Matt discovered Roald Dahl and loved the imagination and stories, which were so captivating.  By the time Matt was 11, he had also discovered Fighting Fantasy, which were a series of choose your own adventure books.  These really helped to open up whole new worlds of possibilities in terms of fiction writing.

But it was not until much later in life that Matt started writing fiction.

Matt studied a Music Technology degree at Leeds Metropolitan University as an avid guitarist.  After spending many years working in London at a record company, Matt decided to travel to Australia for a year out.  This was a great experience, especially when he had the opportunity to work on an organic 100% self sustainable farm in Tasmania.

A few years ago Matt wrote a short play, called ‘Send me to Hell,’  which was performed in front of a small private audience.  This helped to spark a renewed interest in writing and since then Matt has been busy writing short stories, including a children’s book and a continuing work in progress is his own version of a FF book, which he is hoping to get published in the future as well.

Matt is currently working on plays and been involved in ‘Don’t Mention the Gorilla’ working with the Symbiotic Theatre Group as a writer/actor/camera operator.

Self Published work

Devonshire with a Hint of AlbanianDevonshire with a Hint of Albanian

The magical stick of legendary wizard Thalamos Thunderfire has been stolen! Thalamos must follow the stick’s aura and find out who the culprit is before the World Annual Spellcasters Competition, or he will stand no chance of regaining the accolade of the best wizard in all the kingdoms.

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Previously published work

Darker Times Anthology Volume 2

Darker Times Anthology Volume 3

Darker Times Collection Volume 1

Darker Times Collection Volume 2


Darker Times Horror competition poetry winner

Darker Times Horror competition poetry runner up x2

Darker Times Horror competition poetry honourable mention

Darker Times Horror competition short story runner up 

Darker Times Horror competition short story honourable mention x3

Darker Times Horror competition flash fiction runner up x2

Darker Times Horror competition flash fiction honourable mention x9

Poetry Box Silver Cup Highly Commended award 2013


The Knowledge – Vicki Patis


Red Peffer – reviewed Devonshire with a Hint of Albanian 2n April 2013

“I think it’s a great read for children 10 and older and a fabulous way of introducing them to ‘new’ words. It’s also an ingenious way of keeping traditional language alive. I could see it working really well as part of a wider literacy project for 10-12 year olds where the theme of wizardry and language could be inter woven.”


Juxtaposition of intergalactic grammar horror



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