Remember his name.

Day by day, he’s slipping away,

From the life that has been our foundation.

Human acts and basic facts

No more is he showing retention.

Although we know,

Does it really show or

Are we simply being polite?

When he cried in the night,

And held himself tight

As a child, it gave him attention.

His tears now fall in some secret place,

So look closely, so closely, for

There’s pain in that face

In those dull glazed eyes and vacant sighs

Remember those days when so full of life, he

Dealt with your anger, responded to strife

Showing ire and passion when

Loving his family, even losing his wife.

So whilst his mind slowly leaves,

The container remains.

Has he crossed ‘oer that threshold?

Will he ever regain

Some previous insight, or

Perhaps no more pain?

Remember the person, and not just his fame

Remember the person, we all share his name.

Goodbye my dear father –

It will never be the same.



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