James Walker


Plymouth’s own pot-poet. Uncensored and unread! A struggling writer with too heavy a pen.
A comedian with no jokes! Damning the drinkers, the hypocrite who smokes!

Practising musician –

Pro on the Bong-flute! I’m a worker trapped in the system, bound for the turning.
A politician’s statistic ‘’Keep the sheep working!’
A saver and collector of debt! Charged as the bank’s best victim. Self-published in a world of help yourself! A slave to the tick
In fear of the tock!

Who am I? But the writer of many letters, sender of none! What am I? But a man bordered by body and mind.
When am I? But in ever-present mood,
Never before or beyond!
Where am I? But here then gone in the blinking of a light!

Self-published works

book coverFleeting thoughts and Burning joints: Book One

Journey through a mind decorated with an eclectic mix of humour, revolution, paranoia, and engulfed by beautiful sea views. Fleeting thoughts, and burning joints… is a collection of image-bound poetry; with the inclusion of sonnets and haikus. Here, is captured the solitude of one Plymouthian’s imagination, and an introduction to alter-ego ‘The Smoking Joker’, covering the literary world in a thick haze of cannabis smoke.

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The second son: (An uprising)

SECOND SON COVERA contemporary collective concerning cannabis and culture, with creative content.

Purchase as paperback


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