Veronica Bright

Published Works

CLOUD PAINTINGSCloud paintings

A celebration of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity.

Douglas sees the world from a wheelchair, and he hates it.

Thomas has always resented being an unwanted child.

Fiona walks a tightrope in her new life.

And what about the woman who takes her children to visit their father in prison?

Short stories. People battling with life.

Available here

 Rainbow Laughter

Wrong place? Wrong time? Or both?

You’ve only got one life, haven’t you?

Rainbow Laughter is a collection of nine insightful and powerful short stories about ordinary people, growing and changing, searching for hope when all seems lost.

Every story has won a prize in a competition.


Available here

A GIFT FROM THE HORSE CHESTNUT TREEA gift from the horse chestnut tree

Sometimes love hurts

Children. They don’t always have an easy life.

Susan is caught up in her mother’s grief.

Jessica has been very ill, and now she has another problem.

A fourteen-year-old inner-city boy goes on holiday for the first time.

Short stories to challenge your perception of childhood.

Available here

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