Sarah Adams

Hi, I’m Sarah Adams. I moved to Plymouth in 1983, to study Literature and Philosophy at Marjons. After I finished my degree I decided not to return to my native Surrey, but set up home here, to be near the moors and the sea.

I met my partner John in 1990. We have 2 children. I spent a number of their school years home educating, which took up a big part of my life. I think I learned as much or more during that time as I did when I was at school!

With my partner I have worked at many camps and festivals. In past years we gigged at these and locally, and still do a lot of drumming. I am also very involved with voluntary and community work. The other great loves in my life are horses, and walks in our beautiful countryside, and in Plymouth’s green spaces, both of which inspire my long-held pagan beliefs.

Throughout all of these years of course, has been books and writing. From straining my eyes to read under the bedclothes with a torch as a child, to my degree, to more recently becoming involved with various writing groups in the city. I wrote and produced a poetry booklet in the 1990s, and have had several pieces published in the Herald earlier this year. I have some work in the last and present PWG anthology, have plans to produce 2 childrens’ books, and hope to publish more of my poetry.
Sarah Adams

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