Take a walk on the wild side

‘We live in dangerous times’

Her words, a knife at my throat.
Explain? I asked.
‘There is always a danger of exploitation ‘

She offered…..

arousing my expectations.
Exploitation? I questioned.

Falling headlong into her verbal embrace.
‘Love is but a fragile thing,

if you drop it, will its beauty not shatter; like a glass rose?’

‘It’s said that if you love something

you must set it free.

That love should be unconditional; undemanding.
My love is of a different kind…

I may never set you free.

I will drop you many times

to watch you break, find enjoyment

in picking up your pieces to build you again.

I will demand everything…

be denied nothing.

My conditions will be more than you can afford…

I will want your life as my private domain.
And in return?

My voice trembling, as I fell under her spell.
I will bind you with your wildest dreams,

lock you up in your darkest fantasies,

Nothing will be forbidden, or overlooked;

Until I tire of you.

Then, you can return to your ordinary world.
Only then will I set you free;

for I will no longer love you…..

If I ever did.

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