Evening shadows slide gracefully

across my floor,

waiting for the night.
I wait with them.

My cynicism, a banner…

telling the world to

Fuck Off!

Leave me in peace.
Thoughts far away,

a time long ago;

life was different.

A time of innocence,

of certainty;

when I was young….

and full of shit.
Before the rude awakening…

failed dreams

and broken promises.

Certain back then…. I was different.
But here’s a thought…
“It doesn’t pay to sit and dream;

of times now gone…..what could have been.

It’s not too late to cast the dice,

play once more the game of life.

Take that chance, live again

bring your life in out the rain.

Tomorrow beckons…just join in,

play once more; and play to win.

Fight again and seize the day

don’t sit and wish your life away”.

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