mike dream








I dreamed a dream where dragons

came in answer to my wish,

to slay the ghosts of memories

and long ago deceits.
Their fiery breath laid waste the dross,

cleared the clouds of doom.

They swept me up aloft that night

beneath a bright full moon.
I looked upon a barren land

burned before my eyes,

a land devoid of hope and care

where no one could survive.
A tapestry of all that was,

of all that came before.

Stripped bare of all pretentions,

cast down before my door.
I watched a world unfold itself

to greet the brand new dawn.

Stretching out before me,

a memory unborn.
I saw my dream build castles

with tall and stately spires.

I dreamt I caused the sea to rise

and drown still burning fires
Once and for all they washed away

my thoughts of yesterday.

Contentment lay ahead of me

could I but only stay.
Lost in the towers of Avalon

only a dream away.

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