Another Day

Another Day

I struggle to hold thoughts…

flowing outwards,

slipping through the cracks;

soon to be lost to me.
Amongst it all I sit,

my fears wrapped around me;

insecurity worn like a hair shirt.

A badge of self loathing.
Could I drift through my life

unknown to others,

holding on to an existence

that never was.
My pen hidden under its cap,

wanting to scream obscenities

at the injustice of it all.

Instead… I lie suffocating

under the blankets of respectability.
I step outside seeking solitude.

Someone once said….

‘I was never so alone as in a crowd’

I understand that now;

the indifference of others.
I walk on…

The noise of crows

returning to their nests.

Their day spent picking over the bones

of another’s life.
They settle in trees cawing loudly,

the noise echoing like laughter;

I leave them to their gathering.

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