Potential Members

The Plymouth Writers’ Group has closed its membership and waiting lists until further notice.  We have enjoyed the benefits of success and our membership has been steadily climbing.  It has now reached the stage where, regrettably, we cannot accept more writers.   We believe that it’s unfair to add names to a waiting list when there is little prospect of applicants being invited to a meeting.   This situation will be reviewed regularly and, should vacancies occur in the future, we’ll be pleased to invite applications via this website.

Sorry, and Thank You.

Lou Fletcher, Chairman.

The Plymouth Writers Group meets on the first Saturday of the month at Plymouth University. We are situated opposite the Central Library and close to both M&S and the Drake Circus Complex; we are within easy walking distance of Plymouth Bus and Coach Station, and Plymouth Railway Station. The venue is wheelchair friendly.

PWG is a small but vibrant group concerned primarily with poetry and fiction. We do not teach people how to write, but by honest opinion, praise, and friendly criticism, we encourage each other to do better. PWG is non-political and we run an open society of like-minded individuals who enjoy writing for pleasure. Our overall number fluctuates between 20 and 25, but usually a dozen members attend on the day.

Membership is by invitation, and there is a £3.00 membership fee paid at each monthly session (although payment is not expected from members and guests unless they attend). Each month we have an assignment subject to write about. This can be written as prose or poetry, as the writer prefers. Generally we aim for a maximum 1500 words to give everyone a chance of reading their piece on the day. Some writers bring shorter pieces and even Flash Fiction, others an extract of their work-in-progress, and some even bring a personal analysis of a piece of established literature. Meetings are varied and lively.

We have an ethos of commitment. There are 2 forms of membership; those who commit to at least 8 attendances a year, and those who can only make infrequent sessions. However, we expect members to inform us of non-attendance (we never ask for reason of absence, only to be told in advance). if someone has not attended 3 consecutive meetings we have to consider they have left the group.

Thank you for your interest,

Lou Fletcher.



  1. Hi Lou
    I live in Plymouth and I am a writer.
    I have had #1 books on Amazon in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and France – varying from music festival and band books to eerie/horror novels.
    I was featured as one of the top selling Plymouth authors on Amazon this year by the Herald.
    I’d be interested in joining your group as I just came across you on the Internet.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Ian Carroll



  2. Dear Ms Fletcher

    I was my mother’s full time carer for 8 years. She had dementia and passed away last summer. During this period I created a collection of 49 soul baring songs, that stand in their own right as poems and tell a contiguous story. I moved from West Cornwall a few months ago and started a new life in Saltash. I’m confident that one-day my work will be performed. I’m sure that attending a meeting of the Plymouth Writers Group, and sharing my thoughts, would be a step in the right direction. Could you please tell me if that’s possible?

    Yours Sincerely

    Michael Phillips


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