George Zacal

George Zacal gained a degree from Southampton University and worked for Unilever in the UK and Italy. He subsequently worked for most of his working career in the wallpaper industry in Lancashire. He has recently retired here to Plymouth and during the Covid pandemic took up short story writing. In a world of too much to do and little time to do it in, I have written stories which can be slotted into short gaps in the day or on public transport. 500 words would take about ten minutes and 1500 words gets you to between 15-20 mins. Time to be entertained hopefully.

Short stories up to 500 words

Run – shooting a film script

Saving bullets – WW11 incident

The White Lady – a ghost story

And – war ion the Ukraine

Solomon – Sorting out a will

Short stories up to 1500 words

Living in a Tom & Jerry Cartoon – a dormouse comes to live in a flat with 2 cats

The Tree that saved the world – a modern fairy tale where trees save the world

The Four Archangels – Boys endure a retreat run by Jesuits

Izzy Hemlock is not dead – a story set in the pandemic

The Box – What is so special about grandad’s box

It’s a Pixie in a box – a shaggy dog story

Wedding feast – a reworking of the miracle at the wedding in Cana


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