Dave Shannon’s Writing Biography

Three sketches broadcast and paid for, on Radio 4’s Recorded for Training Purposes” (RFTP) a satirical comedy sketch program in 2011

Two of my poems were published last year in BunBury Creative Anthology Volume 1 ISBN 9781786154071 (available from Amazon) I have had around 20 other poems published in various magazines throughout the years and one other in a private anthology. I regularly publish a poem in Bunbury. A Quarterly E-Magazine:

Buy the anthology here

I have made the following shortlists

The 7th Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing with 30-minute stage-play “Stephens Birthday Puzzle”

Stage-play Puzzle in the Park” shortlisted for the Arundel Festival Theatre Trail 2011 and given first reserve

Shortlisted for Pint Sized Plays on 3 occasions 2013/15/16

In 2013 BBC Opening Lines Shortlisted Short Story

In 2014 BBC “It’s my Shout,” 10 minute T.V. screenplay shortlisted
I have been shortlisted so many times that I’m thinking of changing my name to “Davey Shortlist!”


Regular writer for “Bunbury.”: Quarterly E-Magazine:

Slam Poetry readings at various venues

My writing ambition is to work together in Theatre with actor’s directors etc. with a view to an eventual public performance

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