Looking down from the window

to the lawn below;
I see them arriving…

Fresh young faces…
unburdened with the knowledge of history;
dressed in strange garb.
Eager hands reaching

for bags and cases
cameras and testing equipment.

Like all the others…
they come in search of me;
eyes as closed as their minds.
They walk in dreams…
stare as if asleep.
Their thoughts

cannot accept my presence;
the tests will show no results.

‘Reach out to me…for I am here’
Not with hands, flash bulbs and computers,
reach out with your minds.
I am the in-between…
the space between reality

and beyond.

Only glimpsed by eyes wide open…
through the porthole

of the soul.
I am the leftover of a life now passed;
gone from worldly reality…
released from the constraints
of your mortal realm.

I am what awaits you….
though you will never know.

Until that time
when you slip

your life


To live behind the veil

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